What is Physician Stat?

Physician Stat is a free medical education service that helps you find, store, and discuss medical information so you can learn about the best choices for your health.
We would love feedback from you to better improve our services.
Email us at: feedback@physicianstat.com

Our Mission

We seek to use health information technology to improve healthcare education for everyone. We hope our service will allow you to learn and take control of your health. We hope you take to heart that no one cares about your health as much as you do. It’s your health or your life.

Our Values

Our core value is putting YOU first. We value your privacy and will never share or sell your information. Our goal is to improve healthcare by having YOU take control of your health. We hope this will build a healthier society for everyone.

Highest medical information standards

We will provide the highest standards of medical education information. Our physician led medical education team places the highest importance of medical education with data to improve your health.


If you have any questions or feel you can contribute your talent to our team, email us at feedback@physicianstat.com